FirstService Residential Ontario — Vendor Registration

FirstService Residential Ontario has partnered with Business Credentialing Services (BCS) to assist in the collection, review and storage of necessary documents from each of its contractors and suppliers. The necessary documents are Certificate(s) of Insurance and Contractor License(s).

Although this is a self-registration process, BCS is ready to assist if you have any questions. Contact BCS at 866-273-5203 from 9 am to 5 pm, Eastern time if you need assistance.

To begin registration, please provide the information below and then click "register."

Returning vendors: Your original registration form is on file with BCS and you will not be require to resubmit all your information; however, you will need to pay the annual fee and update your contact information to maintain your vendor status.

Please start by providing your HST number.

If you require additional assistance, please reference the "Contact Us" link in the sidebar.