Norega Gathering — Vendor Registration

Norega Gathering, LLC has asked Business Credentialing Services (BCS) to assist them in the management of vendor certificates of insurance (COI). BCS will monitor COI compliance with contract terms and conditions. Compliance with Norega Gathering's contract must be verified by BCS prior to commencing work on any Norega Gathering job site.

BCS quickly assesses compliance with insurance requirements. If your initial COI is non-compliant, BCS will work directly with you and/or your insurance agent to obtain a compliant certificate.

BCS recommends that even if you work at multiple Norega Gathering properties, you should only submit a single insurance certificate with various job site locations listed in Description of Operations, or on an attached schedule. BCS does not require a separate insurance certificate for each job site location or project.

When policy renewal time approaches, BCS will notify your agent, so renewals can be completed in a timely manner and there is no lapse in coverage.

An annual fee will allow you to submit all relevant insurance certificates and documents outlined in your contract with Norega Gathering.

If you require additional assistance, please reference the "Contact Us" link in the sidebar.